Saturday, May 1, 2010

Janessa's Senior Session

Well, I was wondering what props to use with this session. I found out Janessa is a drummer, how cool is that? Sooo, I used drumsticks of course for one pose. And then there's The Hair. The Hair took between 3 and 4 hours to style but what a prop! Thank you Joleen, you did a great job. The Hair had its own personal assistant, Katie. Thanks for your help Katie, you're hired!
Janessa you look lovely, thank you for making ME look good!


  1. These are great! I love a few of them even better than the one you posted on IHF.

  2. ok, I am old! She's a senior? Wow, I remember when she was born! Great photos, btw~ :)love the last shot.

  3. yes, she's a senior! I feel old too!

  4. Yes! That last shot is my ultimate FAV!!! I think that is the coolEST picture! Such beauty and grace yet those drum-sticks speak volumes! I LOVE IT!!!
    You guys FEEL old?! You guyz with children and her being a SENIOR makes me feel like a GRANNY!! ROTFL!!! lol.
    Love all you guys ;D
    Great pictures, Stephanie!!

  5. Oh Hi there Granny Ruby!!! how are you? huh...oh I said HOW ARE YOU? lol! love ya!