Monday, May 17, 2010

Emergency Photo Shoot!

Sooo, I get a text, "what are you doing RIGHT NOW?" ummm.... sitting here, getting ready to take the kid to swim lessons... "we are having a GREAT DAY together and we want pics!" now? right now, right now? Okay, meet me at the park where the kid is doing swim lessons, we'll do it when she's done.
Family photojournalist at yer ;) service, documenting "Great Days Together". Call me when you have one of those days, I'll fit you in, I totally understand....


  1. Stephanie, I just want to thank you for being such a good sport about being an on the spot photographer, lol ;) You are the GREATEST! Your absolutely AWESOME! It was a fantastic day as it was and you just added to it with your AMAZING photography and WITTY sense of humor ;)
    God has shown such AMAZING love, tender mercy in our lives, that we cherish every moment we have together... your photography is just a small part of what HE has done.. so be blessed that God has used you in a very special way, young lady, lol. You are a small part in two beautiful lives♥
    We love you; In Jesus Name -- Bro. Danny and Sister Ruby
    *Soon we will get some FAMILY portraits done*

  2. BTW: Brother Danny absolutely lovez your selection of music.