Sunday, February 7, 2010

♥ Heart Project ♥ Day 7

"Coffee Lovers Heart" I ♥ coffee!! And I really love spending time at coffee shops. Theres just something about taking time out of a busy day and visiting with a friend or having a quiet moment sipping coffee doing NOTHING. Really, I highly recommend it...


  1. Stephanie this is the best one yet!!! I absolutely love coffee and this pic would do nicely in my kitchen with my kitchen theme of coffees!!! Um I can smell it already, lol. Opps as a matter of fact it is 1:15 in the morning and Im having a cup of coffee ;) lol!
    Love it! Keep them coming.

  2. thank you Mary! Ruby, having coffee at 1 in the morning will not help you go to sleep! I was just thinking I want this in my kitchen too :)