Sunday, February 6, 2011

♥ Heart Project ♥ 2011

I got a hair brained idea last year around Valentine's Day to do a "Heart Project", a photo a day from February 1-14 with a heart theme, so... its back, by popular demand folks! Here are some that were posted on Facebook last week. Look for more hearts till Valentine's Day!

I call this one "You're always on my heart". Morning glory leaves are heart shaped? Who woulda thought? I see hearts everywhere now... kinda annoying, just ask my close friends and relatives.

 Its really hard to make an M&M heart without eating the "set"... I don't see food styling and photography in my future... sigh.

"Lover's Tree" I found the coolest tree covered in carved hearts and initials!


  1. I loved your 'Heart Project' last year and Im so loving your 'Heart Project' this year Im so happy you brought it back ;) I can't wait to see the rest of February 2011! *SWEEETness*

  2. What a super idea! I have a thing for hearts :)